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You're losing thousands of dollars on preventable water leaks

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We've saved properties like yours millions

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“ LeakAware has saved me tens of thousands of dollars. We always did our best to track potential water problems, but never in a systematic way. The software allowed our team to carefully track spikes in meter readings, identify which units were the potential causes, and quickly rectify the problems. It makes things extremely simple, and helps keep our team accountable for ensuring we're on top of any water related issues long before we're dealing with major leaks or damage. ”

How it works

Saving You Money, Time, and Water

The Process

LeakAware makes it easy for you, and your team, to save money, time, and water.

Establish a baseline

It begins with an initial, broad audit of your units, using LeakAware to identify existing leaks, potential problem fixtures, and where work needs to be done immediately.

Leak and Fix Audit Workflow

When we detect a leak on one of your water meters, we automatically notify your maintenance staff (and schedule reminders if no action is taken). Leak Audits show your staff exactly where to look, and fix audits show you exactly how to solve the problematic leak.

Save Money

The result? You rapidly save thousands of dollars and your property value gets a gigantic supercharge.

Take action with your data

Up-to-date water usage data shows you the location of unit issues and how long they take to fix

Weekly Reports

Every Monday, you recieve a detailed overview of your water usage for the last several weeks for your review.

Monitor problems and repairs

Understand how long problems last and how long it takes to fix them

All-in-one platform

We help multifamily properties monitor their water usage in real-time so they can catch and fix leaks before the next costly billing cycle.

Accountable maintenance staff

Leak Audits and Fix Audits hold your staff accountable for issues as they arise.

Intelligent Notifications

Instant alerts for your maintenance staff so they can fix problems right away. If those are ignored, we escalate to your property managers and more.

Workflow oriented

Leak audits show you where the problem is. Fix audits solve the problem. Reporting keeps you informed. You save thousands of dollars.

Simple and intuitive

It's so easy your staff hardly has to think. Software that's too complicated doesn't get used. That's why we designed LeakAware to be dead-simple to operate.

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