We help multifamily properties monitor their water usage in real-time so they can catch and fix leaks before the next costly billing cycle.

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Transparency, Accountability, and Workflow For Your Properties

Saving You Money, Time, and Water

Our LeakAware software makes it easy on you, and your team, saving money, time, and water in the process. Our tech provides water meter data in real-time, on a minute-by-minute basis. Should a reading exceed normal thresholds, the onsite staff are immediately notified so action can be taken, and automated alerts are escalated to corporate should the problem continue. Our dashboard then provides an easy workflow which allows your team to audit the necessary units, photograph and notate fixtures, and fix the problem quickly, before it costs you more.

Our Process

Establishing a Baseline

Using LeakAware is much more powerful if it begins with an initial, broad audit of your units, using our software to identify existing leaks, potential problem fixtures, and where work needs to be done immediately. 

Real-Time Water Data

Our hardware is placed on your water meters, and sends usage data to the LeakAware app on a minute-by-minute basis. No more manual checks, or data entry errors. The process is automated and provides you and your team with substantial and actionable data. 

Alerts & Escalation

If your usage is flagged by our hardware and software as high, or potentially problematic, it’ll create automatic alerts. If it’s high enough for immediate action to be taken, it will notify everyone from the top to the bottom of the organization.

Actionable Data

Any potential leaks or problems flagged by LeakAware will trigger the need for additional unit audits that you can monitor, both in terms of how many active repairs are happening, and how long those problems have remained “unsolved.” Accountability, transparency, and a clear workflow built right into the software.

Properties Using LeakAware
Units Monitored

Our Partners

Conservation Groups

We’re proud to partner with conservation groups and organizations that specialize in the multifamily space. LeakAware provides their team with a fast way to catalogue property data, and the ability to quickly identify potential unit upgrades that would provide better efficiencies and cost savings for property owners. In addition, the LeakAware software gives them regular opportunities to check-in when they see potential problems on their end. 


Multifamily Properties & Owners

Our software was built by a multifamily property owner, with the property owner in mind. LeakAware empowers property teams to closely monitor water usage, regularly audit potential problem units, and use daily data to ensure small leaks do not escalate into costly property damage, or continually high water bills.

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  • LeakAware has saved me tens of thousands of dollars. We always did our best to track potential water problems, but never in a systematic way. The software allowed our team to carefully track spikes in meter readings, identify which units were the potential causes, and quickly rectify the problems. It makes things extremely simple, and helps keep our team accountable for ensuring we’re on top of any water related issues long before we’re dealing with major leaks or damage.

    Ryan Wehner
    Wehner Multifamily
  • LeakAware has helped us immensely with our work at Sustainability Solutions (SAS). It allows us to comprehensively track our unit audits within the app so we can make specific, educated suggestions to our partners regarding where they would benefit from upgrading to high-efficiency fixtures. IN addition, the water meter monitoring program lets us stay close with the properties we partner with, so we can help them identify potential leaks and problems before they becomes more serious…and more costly.

    Anselmo Torres
    Conservation Supervisor
    Sustainability Solutions (SAS)

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