About Us

LeakAware was created by a property owner, with the property owner and managers in mind. A big leak that causes structural damage is inevitable if you’re not actively monitoring your water consumption, and flagging potential leaks in real-time. Our app and dashboard make it easy on you, and your team. Our LeakAware Sentinel water sensors attach to your meters, and collect data in real-time, on a minute-by-minute basis. Should a reading exceed normal thresholds, the onsite staff are immediately notified so action can be taken, and automated alerts are escalated to corporate should the problem continue. Our dashboard then provides an easy workflow which allows your team to audit the necessary units, photograph and notate fixtures, and fix the problem quickly, before it costs you more.

Our Values

  • Sustainable. Saving property owners money on their water bill keeps us in business, but conserving water, and making multifamily properties more sustainable is what motivates, and drives our team every day.
  • Efficient. Our team is focused on providing solutions that bring transparency and accountability to every facet of your properties’ water management. Our tools simplify your work, and make your team infinitely more efficient at identifying, and rectifying, costly water-related problems.
  • Innovative. Yesterday, we were good. Today, we’re even better…and that trend always continues. Whether we’re speaking about ourselves, our deep industry knowledge, or our technology and products, we are constantly evolving and improving to better serve multifamily properties across the nation.
  • Loyal. From the moment our partnership begins, our team remains hands on with getting you setup, learning the unique layouts and concerns for your property, and providing ongoing support for your maintenance and management teams. We’re a blue collar bunch, and everyone from the CEO on down the line knows our products inside and out so they can better serve you day-to-day.
  • Focused. We know the impact of leaks, high water costs, and water-related damages because LeakAware was built by a multifamily owner, with the multifamily owner in mind. We’re focused on saving you money, each and every month, while modernizing your operation, and providing sustainable, “green” solutions.