Dallas-Fort Worth Property Saves Thousands on their Water Bills Using LeakAware

Let me give you a little background: Andre is a property owner in the DFW Metroplex who has a 106-unit property that deployed LeakAware this past fall.

But, I’ll be honest with you up front: This video is already outdated. 

I can’t sit here and tell you that Andre continued to save $4,000 a month on his water bill by reining in leaks and water-related problems at his property.

I can’t tell you that, because since this video was recorded, he’s now saving over $6,000 a month on his typical water bill!

LeakAware helps multifamily properties find leaks in real-time, and then provides the workflow to get them fixed fast. All the while, our app provides built-in accountability and transparency, so that owners and managers can track the status of fixes and ensure things are handled quickly and efficiently on their properties.

Our promise is to save our customers time, money, and water. Andre learned the LeakAware advantage first-hand.

If you’re not using technology to actively monitor water usage on your property, you’re just one leak away from very, very costly problems. Why leave such an important line-item to chance?

If you’re interested in learning more, request a demo from our team today: https://leakaware.com./demo.

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