LeakAware is Your NOI Multiplier

LeakAware was founded by Ryan Wehner, who previous founded and owned Wehner Multifamily. He built our app because, as a multifamily owner and manager, he was tired of constantly being surprised by unexpectedly high water bills. It was a property that usually averaged around $3,000 a month that jumped to $15,000 a month that made him decide that there must be a better way.

But, that’s not all…

As a business leader and entrepreneur, Ryan realized that saving hundreds of dollars, or thousands of dollars every month is great return on investment, but the most important thing is the long-term implications those savings have on your net operating income (NOI).

Don’t take it from your humble blogger. Here it straight from Ryan Wehner below:

Investing in a solution like LeakAware will cost you a few dollars, of course. But, the return on investment typically pays for itself within the first 2-3 months. And, as Ryan makes clear above, the long-term benefits to your NOI mean that taking action now can presumably put hundreds of thousands of dollars straight into your pocket when you go to sell or refinance your multifamily property.

What more is there to think about? If someone walked up to you and confidently said they could essentially print you hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’d be interested.

Well, we’re here, that’s our offer, and we’re looking forward to showing you what LeakAware can do.

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