Do You Need Assurance or Insurance?

When we talk with property owners, property managers, brokers, and more about LeakAware they typically fall into one of two groups:

The Assurance Group and The Insurance Group

Customers interested in assurance typically have water problems on their properties, and leaks that are piling up fast. Some of them have tried other hardware solutions to track water usage, but have quickly found that a fancy widget that tells you there’s a problem with no plan to find and fix it is about as useful as having a great fire alarm, and no hoses to put out the fire…

These folks come to us because LeakAware provides not only real-time leak detection for multifamily properties, but also a comprehensive workflow for finding and fixing leaks fast. Being able to track water-related issues from the moment they’re found to the moment they’re fixed provides transparency, and assurance that the job is getting done.

It’s pretty simple to see why they’d benefit from LeakAware, and why they love our app.

But, what about the insurance group? Well, oftentimes these folks have relatively good water costs. They’re not seeing huge spikes, or massive leaks. Maybe they’re a Class A property and things are going well. However, they’re smart enough to understand that all it takes is one bad leak for everything to go south…fast.

They’re interested in LeakAware because they don’t want to learn about a massive water problem by waiting until their next costly bill. They want to know in real-time, so they can get it fixed and keep their costs under control. They want the insurance of knowing that when water problems arise, they’ll be found and fixed quickly.

Which side do you fall on? Are you in the Assurance Group or the Insurance Group? And, I don’t want to tell you what to answer, but I’ll give you a hint: most folks end up in both. 

Either way, everyone is joined by the simple fact that they want to avoid costly water problems on their properties. If you’re one of those people, reach out today and let’s talk.

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